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Information Services

Information to help you begin making use of the University’s library and computing resources is provided during your induction week but there is also lots of information on StudentSpace within the Library site.

You should also ensure that you have read and understood the Regulations for Using IT Facilities (available on StudentSpace or from the Learning Resource Centres (LRCs)).

Getting access to IT

To access the university’s IT facilities you will need to know your unique username and password. These were sent to you before enrolment.  You may only use this password 6 times before you need to change it.  Choose a new one and change it by logging onto a university computer or by visiting this website: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/support

This username will enable you to log on to computers within the university, and to access Kingston’s web-based services from off-campus.  These services include:

Ø      Internet access

Ø      Microsoft Office suite

Ø      StudentSpace / StudySpace

Ø      Personal network space to store your work

Ø      E-mail

Ø      Printing (GPAS)

Ø      E-Journals

Ø      E-Books

IT support

IT support and advice is available from the LRCs help desks. The help desks can help you with basic queries and password problems and can pass your queries to specialist staff for further help. In addition, support is available through the faculty IT support desk located in Sopwith Building Room 123.  More information is available from: www.kingston.ac.uk/support

Specialist help:

Help with finding, using, accessing and evaluating information is available via your LRC information advisor.

They can offer help in:

Ø          Searching the electronic library and web

Ø          Locating specialist material

Ø          Accessing and Evaluating information

Ø          With enquiries about information services and resources

Ø          Using the LRC

Ø          Referencing

Help can be provided via help desks, email, phone or in person at the LRC.

Contact: Davina Omar / Sue Snelling

Email: d.omar@kingston.ac.uk / s.snelling@kingston.ac.uk

Phone: 020 8417 7073 OR 020 8417 2095

Penrhyn LRC helpdesk


At Kingston the libraries are known as Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) to reflect the range of facilities you will find in them. The entrance to the LRC at Penrhyn Road is on the main corridor running from Reception through to Fassett Road.  Materials for courses in CISM are held predominately at Penrhyn Road but material at Kingston Hill will also be useful to you.

Your university ID card is also your library card and will allow you to access to the LRCs and can be used to borrow material and access services.

The LRCs at Penrhyn Road and Kingston Hill are normally open in term time the following hours:

Ø          Sunday 10.00am – Friday 9.00pm (24 hour operation)

Ø          Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm

Up-to-date details of all sites’ library hours for both term and vacation are published on StudentSpace. To access the LRC after 9pm you will need to bring your student ID card.

The LRCs contain a variety of different sources of information for you to use for your studies including books, journals, media, reports and dissertations. They also offer study areas (silent and group), computers and social areas.  The LRCs are part of the wireless network and offer both fixed and wireless access to the wide variety of resources available both through the electronic library and wider e-information environment.

The LRCs also provides first line information with referral to specialist support departments who can provide advice on a wide range of matters such as accommodation and finances. If you need a new student ID card, a council tax exception certificate or a letter to prove you are a student at KU you can collect these from the LRC.

Students may borrow up to 12 items at a time.  Most items are lent for 4 weeks but those in heavy demand are lent for 7 days only.  If a book has not been reserved by another student, it may be renewed for a further period – you can do this online or by the 24 hours Renewals Hotline (020 8547 7733).  Fines of 25p a day are charged for overdue 4 week or 7 day loans.

In order to use the Library self-issue service or renew and reserve books online via the library catalogue, you need to know both your borrower number and PIN. Your Library borrower number is the 8 digit number on your ID card.  Your Library PIN has already been sent to your University e-mail address and is a 4 digit number.

Electronic Library

This is available by going to StudentSpace http://go.kingston.ac.uk and clicking on Library. Authentication to the electronic library is via your Kingston computing username and password.

There are a number of tools within the Library website that you will be accessing including the:

Ø          A-Z list of electronic journals

Ø          Library catalogue

Ø          The “Finding information for your Studies” suite of pages

Ø          Alphabetical list of e-resources

Ø          E-Books

Faculty laboratories

The Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics has its own computing laboratories in the Sopwith Building to serve the needs of its undergraduate, postgraduate and short course students.  These contain networks of various personal computers as well as specialised machines (e.g. for work in artificial intelligence, multimedia and games) and communication equipment (modems etc.).  Access, for authorised students, will be gained by means of the University ID card.  Please note that you must not use your card to allow anyone else to gain access to the laboratories.