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Special Educational Needs


The University can provide support for students with disabilities or dyslexia who are registered with the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS):

Tel 020 8417 4282(direct)

Minicom: 020 8547 8847

Fax: 020 8417 4443

Email: disability@kingston.ac.uk or dyslexia@kingston.ac.uk


There is also a Facebook Kingston University Disabled Students Community Page:
Kingston University Disabled Students Community


If appropriate, the DDSS will draw up a Summary of Support Needs (SOSN) and, with your permission, this will be circulated to the relevant members of staff in order that your needs are met. Special examination arrangements will be included in this document. In order that appropriate arrangements are organised in good time, undergraduate students should have made contact with a Disability Advisor or Dyslexia Coordinator no later than:

23 October 2010 for Semester 1 exams

23 February 2011 for Semester 2 exams

If you experience any problems on your course relating to a disability you can also seek advice within the Faculty from Holly Rook (h.rook@kingston.ac.uk) or Sandy McCulloch (s.mcculloch@kingston.ac.uk)