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Coursework deadlines can be found in the module guide on StudySpace. The module guide also contains module aims, learning outcomes, syllabus, and, where appropriate the number and weighting of assessments. It is extremely important that you read your module guides at the beginning of each semester so you can plan your time.

Generally, written coursework must be submitted at the CISM Student Office, with a completed submission form, by 1pm prompt on the due date and/or electronically through StudySpace depending on what has been specified. The submission form will be date/time stamped and you will be given a receipt – you should keep the receipt as proof of submission. If subsequently there is any dispute about whether you have submitted a piece of work you will be asked to produce the receipt.

Coursework should be submitted in a plastic folder – please do NOT use staples or plastic pockets.  Coursework will NOT be accepted outside the normal office opening hours. Coursework is usually returned via the Student Office.  You will be informed via StudySpace when work is ready for collection.

Late submissions Assignments which are submitted late (after 1pm) but within 7 days of the submission deadline will be capped (i.e. mark reduced to the minimum pass mark). Assignments submitted after 7 days will receive a mark of 0 (F0). If  there are genuine mitigating reasons that mean  you cannot meet a submission deadline then please read the ‘Mitigating Circumstances’ information below. Extensions can generally only be arranged BEFORE the deadline.

Please remember that assignments handed into the Student Office after the 1pm deadline will be marked as LATE without exception.  To avoid a LATE stamp follow these hints and tips:

  • Remember that your work is not officially submitted until it is handed to a member of the Student Office team fully complete, in the correct folder and with a properly completed submission sheet
  • Aim to finish your assignment the day before the deadline
  • Print off your work as soon as it is finished to avoid queues at the printers or at the Student Office
  • Put your work in the correct type of plastic folder before the hand-in deadline (do not rely on there being a spare folder in the Student Office (buy a few of your own)
  • Complete a submission front sheet and place in your folder before the submission deadline (these are always available from the folders attached to the Student office doors)
  • If you are handing in a CD along with an assignment make sure it is labelled with your name and ID number and attached securely inside your folder
  • If you are all finished hand it in early!