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At the end of each semester there is a 3 week examination/assessment period. The assessment periods are:

Semester 1 assessment period         4 January – 21 January 2011

Semester 2 assessment period         16 May – 3 June 2011

Re-assessment period                       22 Aug – 2 September 2011

Please note: The Summer Exam Board will decide on which modules you are able to retake during the reassessment period (usually up to a maximum of 4 failed modules at levels 4 and 5). You cannot assume that you will be able to retake all failed modules during this period. You cannot retake/repeat* modules you have passed. Please see ‘Progression’ section below for more information.

Exam information is normally located on StudySpace in the Faculty Organization pages NOT the module pages. Please be aware that all modules have a unique code which identifies the particular module you are studying. Undergraduate modules all begin with a two letter code (e.g. CI, CO, ST, MA etc) which is followed by a four digit number. If you are in your first year, the four digit number will start with the number 1. If you are in the second year, the four digit number will start with a number 2 and in the third year it will start with the number 3. It is extremely important that you check this code when looking at the exam timetable at the end of each semester and DO NOT just rely on the title of the module.

If you are unsure of where your exam information is located please contact cismstudentoffice@kingston.ac.uk. If you are not able to attend an examination, please see the mitigating circumstances information below.