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Mitigating Circumstances

The University policy on mitigating circumstances can be found on StudentSpace in:

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The University recognises that the performance of an individual student in an examination or other type of assessment may be adversely affected by circumstances that are serious, unforeseen and are beyond the student’s control.

The aim of the mitigating circumstances procedure is to provide students with an opportunity to be assessed on equal terms as far as possible while maintaining the standards of its awards.  The Mitigating Circumstances Panel (which meets at the end of each semester) will decide whether your situation/evidence is adequate and what outcome is appropriate for your situation. A mitigating circumstances application cannot be used to speculate what grade a student might have received for an assessment or an exam.

Mitigating Circumstances: Coursework

If you have unforeseen circumstances which affect your ability to complete an assignment on time, you may ask for an extension by emailing your Module Leader or Holly Rook (Student Liaison Officer) BEFORE the assessment deadline. You will need to provide evidence of the circumstances e.g. a completed medical form, death certificate and submit this to Holly Rook. You will not get an extension for computer/printer problems, uncertified illness, holidays. Please note: in the first instance a provisional extension is likely to be arranged. However, it is not until the Mitigating Circumstances Panel meet at the end of the semester that a decision is made regarding whether the ‘provisional extension’ arranged can be upheld or not.

Mitigating Circumstances: Exams

If you are unable to attend an exam due to a sudden or unforeseen event it is extremely important that you contact Holly Rook (Student Liaison Officer) urgently. Please note that by attending an exam/test you are deemed to be declaring yourself fit and able and assessment boards will not normally consider mitigating circumstances for exams and tests you have attended. Remember to collect documentation to cover your absence e.g. a completed Medical Certificate Form. You will have to complete a Mitigating Circumstances form.  Where no genuine mitigating reasons exist you will have to accept that you have lost the credit for that assessment.

If you wish to claim mitigating circumstances, you are advised to discuss your case with Holly Rook, Student Liaison Officer (h.rook@kingston.ac.uk) who is located in the Student Office. There is a copy of the Mitigating Circumstances form located at the back of this Student Guide.